February & March Sermon Series

Join us in the months of February and March as we continue our series, “Do Not Be Afraid–The Call of Jesus in a Culture of Fear,” on Sundays at 10:30am.

In a world where the media reminds us daily of the reasons we should be afraid, we choose to ground ourselves in the Good News of Jesus Christ as told in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus spoke to people who were equally, if not more, afraid of what the future held. He invited them to prepare their hearts and minds for the ways that God was working and moving among them… all the while reminding them – DO NOT BE AFRAID!

FEBRUARY 10 ASH WEDNESDAY Mark 9:30-37 – 7pm, Freedom Hub

Jesus challenges his disciples to discover that the journey downward is actually the journey upward. 


The rich young ruler struggles with the idea of what it means to let go of all he has.  We will have community discussion this week around privilege and faith.

FEBRUARY 21 – ACKNOWLEDGING OUR BLIND SPOTS – Mark 10:32-52 (Rev. Dr. Susan Smith Preaching)

When Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus, it exposed the blindness found in those who had been following him all along.


Jesus’ parable is directed to the chief priests, scribes, and those in authority.  It is a direct affront to the injustice they are using to oppress people.

MARCH 6 – GIVING GOD OUR ALL – Mark 12:28-44

The scripture challenges us to confront our fear of giving God our all and trusting in the limitations and guidelines that God has set for us.

MARCH 13 – WATCHING FOR ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS – Mark 13:1-8, 24-37 (Pastor Robb Preaching)

Nothing is quite so dramatic as talking about the end of the world. We can get obsessed with predictions, trapped in fear, or even embarrassed by all the drama.  Yet Jesus found it important for his disciples to face the darkness around them and to hold onto the light….

MARCH 20 – PALM SUNDAY – Mark 11:1-11

Reflections on the humble Savior who subverted the power structures as he entered the city on a donkey. 

MARCH 24 MAUNDY THURSDAY 7pm, Maynard Ave. UMC, 2350 Indianola Ave.

Join our friends at Maynard for a reflective night of storytelling and singing about the last night of Jesus’ life.

MARCH 25 – GOOD FRIDAY – CRUCIFIXION – Mark 15:16-39 – 7pm, Freedom Hub (Jason Leighton Preaching)

 Jason will lead us in a reflective service around Jesus’ death.


Those who were there on that first Easter morning had to confront their fears to get to the place of celebration of the resurrection.

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